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patient info Jacobsen Pediatric Dentistry in Gresham and Oregon City, OR

Our office is open Monday-Thursday. 8:00am-5:00pm

First visit
We will do anything we can to make every visit a fun one, but we understand some children may be a little nervous to go to a dentist for the first time. There are many ways to help make it a more pleasant experience.

  • Try to show the photos of our office to your child so they can be familiar with where they will be going. Making the environment a familiar one is a great way to help the child become more comfortable. We’re also happy to provide a fun tour of our office for your child before their visit. Dr. Jacobsen will make time to say hello and introduce himself to you and your child. This will help your child know that going to the dentist isn’t scary. Dentists are really cool people!
  • Come early to your appointment. If you are stressed about getting to the appointment, this will cause your child to be stressed too. Arriving early will also give your child some time to explore the fun kid stuff in the waiting room. We have waiting room toys, a big screen tv and a room that’s just for the kids to play on iPads.
  • If your child would be less nervous with a stuffed animal, blanket or toy, have them bring it along to their visit. Dr. Jacobsen would love to see it!
  • Most important, have a positive attitude about their upcoming visit and remember, every visit comes with a prize!


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    McCoy, Blake & Ava

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